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Ello everyone - been a while, for those of you who remember my gearbox problem, I had to give in to small print and pay for a Gearbox (my 3rd!!!) :ffs:

Anyways, I've bought a CD Tuner and wish to have it installed in the 'change tray' bit above the ashtray. Where can I go in the SE London/Bromley area to have it fitted there?

and how much will I need to part with?

Keep yourselves nice

- Paul :help:

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For what they will charge u, its not worth it mate, really. When i was looking people sed it will be £70 and they would have to take the car for 36 hours. Its dead easy, all u need to do is follow the instrustions taht Yaris Boy has made in the Workshop Submissions.

Anyway, if u stuff it up then u can look for someone who can do it for u. also there is the satisfaction that u did it all whihc is worth it lol!!

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as Chyownster says it's really not worth paying £70 to get it done, have a go yourself!! at the very worst u'll have to go to get it done for £70, so wot u got to lose!

just be careful and patient and the result will be good :yes:

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