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Jae - Off Topic Conversations..

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Thought with the number of people who attaneded JAE and ceoncersations we had that will shoot off from the main report thread I would start this thread as an area to continue discussions and off topic comments so we don't take the main threads off topic too much...

So will pick up from Supragal's comments, yes as many of you noticed in the massive toy shop we called JAE yes I am a small Child :D

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In other words this is the string for "the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else" lol

Small child at Christmas.... a better analogy perhaps?

So where was your super-hairy dog this weekend then? Don't most shows ban dogs? There were loads wandering around being scared of that huge blue blow up chick thing....

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Thanks for your support mate... sorry if i sound bossy at times.. i have a habit of ordering people around due to my previous experience of 7 staff in my last business! You help is always appreciated

Also its a stressy time for me... i had people queuing to talk to me at one point!

Thanks to everyone who helped pack the gazeebos away last thing. Must have been those puppy eyes i was giving you lot and made you all feel sorry or me. Also for picking up litter too!

I am very sunburnt too!!!!

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I think it the fcat you doubled the number of grey hairs over the weekend, i din't know new hairs could grow that fats :D

As always a pleasure, bossy... when ???

Good to see all the TOC crew behave apart from the roaring, wheel spinning Supracharged Matt!!! Hmmm... IS430 No traction control :!Removed!:

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can I say it now and once only

THAT DAMN :censor: :censor: with my :censor: :censor: roof. :censor:

Didn't even :censor: say :censor: sorry.

apart from that the weekedn was flawless :group-cuddles:

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I feel a little sorry for the bloke who came over from Booster Tuning in Germany. He had as much kit as would fit in his boot and seemed desperate to sell it! :(

I wanted to buy some things just to cheer him up but not all of it was much good. The Yaris strut bar was a fair price - £70 - but didn't look as good as Dan's TRD part.

Mabey I should have gone for the 'turbo' droopy nose part. :eek::lol: :D :lol: :D :help: ishnt daht vierd!

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he was definitely pushing those sales, but I think he got as far as a Dutchman selling tulips to the Hells Angels LOL

poor chap, but heard that Dan was interested in that droopy nose thing he was selling - shame about that lad's taste really (hahahaha)

HAve to say that Dan's car blew mine away on the road, and the sound of that exhaust was simply fantastic, especially under any bridge - DON'T QUIETEN IT MATE!!


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Cheers pav.... hope you had a good birthday, shame about the weather on sat night but never mind... the :censor: nose bit thingy has been ordered for you as a late birthday pressie :D .

Oh and next time i will drive my car properly!,(no waiting for the slower people! lol) :P :P :P

Hope you got to your ferry on time.



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For the record I have that guys card in front of me & his name was Egbert Poell....nuff said :lol:

By the way Dan didn't you want to buy Lexus lights from him? Or was it a Strut brace? ok...ok....front splitter.... :P :lol:

You know your all gonna wear open sandals & socks to the next meet :lol: :P

Pav we'll have to do a mini south-eastern meet when you're back over this way m8y :thumbsup:

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