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Girlfriends Getting A Yaris, Couple Of Qs


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Hi all.

As in the title really my girlfriend is buying herself a Yaris, should be here on the 1st of September :D. Its her 1st car as well.

She's quite keen on cars and loves my Prelude and the Celica range, just a quick question on owning it really. Does she need to know anything in particular or are they pretty bullet proof?

Being a Honda boy I'm used to reliability and I'm really glad she's choose a Toyota over any non Jap makes :)

Thanks :thumbsup:


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hi and welcome

no just look after it run it in as directed and it'll be fine. however watch out for trollies as from what iv'e read here they do dent a bit easy

take it she's had the 1.0 they arnt bad performance wise, they wont win land speed records but they aint bad for a 1.0.

if she has any probs or questions speak to jen she has a 1.0 too

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hi mate..

i've got a tsport version, and the only thing wrong with is that it tends to rattle a bit. (i'm guessing they have sorted this out in the 03 models). Other than that no problems what so ever :D


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Thanks for that, as you've said I can't imagine there will be much, I love the Toyo range as much as some of the H's if I'm honest :group-cuddles: the new Celica is begging me to take her out for a test drive, I'm waiting for the new Supra though, not that I could ever afford it ;)

She has gone for the 1.0i model, she's found a bargain though, I think it was £6.5k with 15" alloys and a CD player :eek:

Shrewd business women if ever I saw one ;) :D

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Hi, welcome to the club :group-cuddles:

As Dawesy said they're fine, haven't noticed alot of rattles on mine(CD too loud), i'm pretty happy with mine 1.0 is nippy enough for town, must admit i'm looking into a T-sport in a vane attempt to keep up with Dawesy's car.

They do dent though so watch those panels with maniacs with shopping trolleys.

Keep us posted. :)

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