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Apple Mac For Sale

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As Macs Seem to be taking over our office at the moment I thought I better try and get rid of one of them!

The Mac has had an easy life since we had it as it's sole purpose was as a test machine to view websites in Safari, IE on a Mac and Firefox on the Mac.

It's got the following Specification:

G4 450Mhz

512MB Ram

40GB Harddrive

DVD Writer

Zip Drive

Wireless Card

OSX 10.4.6

ATI Video Card with VGA/DVI and S-Video

2xFirewire Ports

4xUSB Ports

It comes with a USB Mac Keyboard but you will need a USB Mouse to go with it, any USB PC mouse will work.

This machine is ideal for anyone wanting to get into the world of Macs.

In terms of testing it's functionality it has been used on both the wired network and the Wireless Network so they both work, I've written CD's and DVD's so the DVD Writer works, the only bit that is untested is the zip drive as I don't have any zip disks! The Zip drive is an internal unit but on closer inspection it's not plugged in inside so it may not work!!

Now for the Rare part of it! - The Mac Doesn't look like most! I bought it second hand from a sound studio and so it comes in a Marathon PowerRack G Series Case. Basically it's a rack mountable case.

The case can be seen here:

The case alone originally cost $600 - ouch!

Now the case had gained a few surface scratches whilst it was used on tour with the sound studio so it doesn't look the best but it works perfectly and could easily be sprayed or you could transfer the contents to a diffeent case.

The whole thing is heavy so would cost a fair amount to post.

Looking for around £120? Anyone??

I'll take some pictures and post them in a few minutes.

Here are a few pictures:





If there is no interest then it will go on ebay

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No interest???

Any offers???


I'll give it till the end of today then it's going on ebay

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Hey, I'd put it up on the 'bay anyway as you'll have lots more interest. The fact it's in a rack may mean it's more suited for the professional rather than an amature enthusiast (as they tend to go for the Mac's looks).

Good price though - wish you luck with the sale. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the Feedback Caz.

I will stick it on ebay tomorrow :thumbsup:

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Still Very Cheap on Ebay - Only up to £26 so get bidding! :thumbsup::yahoo:

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It's met it's reserve now and has a day left, so it will sell!!

But it's still a bargain price so get bidding!!

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