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Celica 140 Alarm Problems


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I recently locked the car using the key fob (not via the lock) and now the alarm is in a permantly alarmed state. I can still drive the car, but the lights flash the alarm sounds etc. Have tried putting a new Battery in the key fob but with no success. Any ideas

PS car is in the dealers and they are having no success. :help:

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maybe an earth lead floating around where it shouldnt be or suchlike (im not sure which celica you have by the way, im only familiar with generations 4 to 7...but i dont know their chassis codes that well either)

have they checked it with a probe? -

might be worth taking it out and getting another if its under any warranty, buying another if its not?

or maybe dismantling the key fob (if possible) and check the connection there?

good luck either way

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