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Servicing And Warranty


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I recently bought an 18 month old Avensis with 14,000 miles on it. When I went to pick it up, the place I bought it off had serviced it and stamped the 20,000 miles service in the book. Does this invalidate my waranty? If so, will going to a dealer for a service make things right (bearing in mind the stamp in the book) or have I now lost my waranty? And if I do go to a dealer, should I go at 20,000 for another 20,000 mile service or wait 'til 25,000 and take it for a 30,000 mile service? And one other thing: I use it as a taxi. They can't use that as grounds to refuse doing waranty work, can they?

Thanks for any advice and suggestions.


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Yes it does matter.... if you have it service by Toyota at 20,000 they may let it go...they will will easily be able to tell ( especially as you've had your book stamped!) but may turn a blind eye... to keep your custom but then again, someone else has touched it/serviced it, so it has proably invalidated your warranty as if someone thing goes wrong in the future...they could say it was due to the service carried out by a Non-toyota Dealer.. hence won't be covered.

If you miss the service..because it was serviced else where... bye bye warranty.


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Yeah, I thought I might go to the dealer and say 'will my Waranty be valid if I get my 20,000 mile service here because if so, here's the money to pay for the service'. That might give them a bit of incentive to say it's OK!

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