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Yaris T Sport Turbo


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yeah where has the 16k add up to as it converts to

31,300.00 CHF Switzerland Francs


14,348.70 GBP United Kingdom Pounds

mmmmmm and they Drive on the right cars & if they are made in japan and switzerland is in the middle of europe how can it cost over 16k to get it into this country....oh it must be the taxes.

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its partly our fault, most europeans would quite happily boycott a product if they didnt agree with its pricing etc. We brits just cough up the dough. In my opinion anyway.

but at £14,500 its a bit expensive, you can pick up a new CTS for around £12K to £13 and you get a lot more power and extras. Although the YTS T would be diffrent and looks a lot better then CTS.


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