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Regional Section In The Forums


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i think it would be fun to have a regional section in the forums so all people from around the world can come together with other people form the same places, aka Australia, Japan, America, England..........ect

Think tis a good diea :D :lol::ph34r: :arrgg-matey: :thumbsup::eek:


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Personally I think the problem with regional areas of a forum is that it adds to the segragation of members. It can be useful once a club reaches a certain size or has a large number of people regularly attending club meets but at current we arent big enough.

If users want to arrange meets local for them just put a post in the meets section as I have done for the 28th Spetember, I think we have about 20 cars coming now for that one :D :D :D

Of course this is just my 2p

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