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Blitz Cat Back Exhaust


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Hi Guys

That Blitz exhaust that was posted from the cat back seemily doesnt exsist. I called fensport today who told me it was not available only back box. :censor: :ffs: :censor:

Does anyone have a number or company i can get one from.

Sorry to keep posting this exhaust problem but we need to establish if there is a cat back one available. :crybaby:



Brooner :thumbsup::help:

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Hi brooner

Checked with amber performance and it seems that they had made a error. Accorded to fensport yes you are right. Blitz have only got a muffler only and not cat back system.

Still it's one fine looking exhaust and i will definitely be getting one after some serious saving up mate.


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:o Hi jerry your yaris looks very nice i love the exhaust can you tell me if that back box will fit a yaris sr 1.3

Hi steven eames

All i can say is there is a price difference with the 1.0, 1.3 and the 1.5 so there must be a difference with the fitting. Your best bet is to ask dan aka yaristpot :thumbsup: Local Toyota mechanic he will know better :yes:


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