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I am from Norway and have a 91 mod. mr2 turbo US spec.

My problem is that the aircondition dont work.

When I push the A/C on I dont here any click and the idle speed is not changed.

I have a tried this on a exact same car where the air condition works.On this car I hear a click from a relay and the idle speed is lowered.

Could this be a gas pressure problem ,or do I have a electronic problem?

Is there any gas pressure check system mounted anywhere?

Is there any way to messure the pressure in the system?

Anybody he that has some tip??

Jensi(Sorry if the english is not that good) ;)

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Most likely the gas has escaped, which would cause exactly the symptons you describe. You will need to take it to an Air Con specialist to get it refilled. While you're at it, get the whole systen pressure tested, you could have a leak somewhere most likely in the front air con radiator. but it could be just that the gas has escaped through age.

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some of the places in the UK offer free checks .. they could tell you if it's empty .. it's about the right age for the early MK2's to need re-fills ..

I know the gas is also the stuff that's banned now (CFC stuff), but there is a safe replacement available.

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I've got the same problem on a Mk2 1990 that I bought at the weekend (my first MR2, but I'll rock the boat a bit by pointing out that I had two X1/9s before, and a MK1 MR2 is only an X1/9 with different bumpers & trim anyway...)

Was thinking about pumping up the A/C system with a bicycle pump to see:

1/ If the pump kicks in when there's enough pressure, just to see if it even works

2/ To see if the system can hold this pressure

Anyone know of any reason why I shouldn't do this?

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i dont know if there is one near you, but 'lucas' (the company who make a lot of electrical stuff for cars i.e alternators) do a free check.

i drive by one here in sheffield regularly and they have a big banner advertising this.

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I have checked with my local Toyota dealer her in Norway,and they used a company for refilling of this R12 freon gas.

I called this company and they could refill R12 gas fo about 200£. :o

I think this is to expensive as the summar are not that hot her in south west of Norway.

Is there any body that know of the replacemt gas that is safe and cheaper??


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