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1/16 Supra!


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It's COOL it wheel spins n everything!

I want a proper one now, errrr I mean proper remote control one, obviously I already have a proper one (well kind of, at least I own one and insure it) lol

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You can't (so I'm told by the chap who runs the R/C shop near me) buy a R/C Supra.......You buy a car (usually something like a scooby, mini, 205, etc)...then get an additional Supra bodyshell....loads to choose from (about 30-50 squid each)

Trust me - they are loadsa fun..........especially when you roll them at speed..... :thumbsup:

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haha used to be SERIOUSLY into them!!!! had a lancia delta.. 4wd... cahnged it toa skyline.. then a cossie.... I want a mk3 supra Shell :'(

it was well m odified too.. all carbon fibre and lowered!!!!

got a pertol one too but my mate ran it over in his corsa :(

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yup a proper corsa 1.4 GLS (!Removed! and !Removed! society)

car was a 10th scale petrol one kinda modded

we wanted to see how fast it was (so I would attenmpt to set a GATSO off with it) so instead of timing the a known distance decided to drive side by side

at 30 (corsa) I booted it with the car and lost it and it smacked into his back wheel with such force it ripped the frant AND rear suspention wishones off (baccichello at hungry stylee today)

Its such an old model I can no longer get parts for it :(

gingine and gearbox are good tho... I'll bodge up something.. I WILL set of a speed camera with it!!!

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