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God Almighty


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Today is my first day of fasting and prayer to the great car god in the sky.

I bow down to your greater glory and suplement myself at your feet. You are the one i devote my life to, only when i die, will i ever stop worshiping your power!

I crawl on the floor begging you to recieve my prayer, to grant me your glory. As i walk cruise through the highyway of burnt oil and rust............

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In the beginig he said let their be suction.

Then he commanded let their be petrol

And finaly he Ordered let their be spark

Recieve my prayer, O lord of the automobile, al that is goodness!!!!!

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scots one valve short of a cylinder head me thinks :help:

of all the people, you should know what im talking about.

Without offerings to the god we love and praise, only bad luck will come to the modders. Now PRAY with me

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With a crack of thunder, and a shard of lightning, the God of cars visited me yesterday.


Prase the Lord.

He shall smite any unbeliever with a racing piston in one hand, and a wheel for a sheild in the other.

Judgement hath cometh.

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