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Auris T-spirit

malco 666

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Thinking of purchasing an Auris T Spirit. Anyone bought one, your feedback would be appreciated. :)

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Hi there, i haven't bought one ..... yet, but i'm looking at getting the T180. I have had a long time driving in the t-spirit so i hope i can give a decent review.

In a nutshell, the Auris t-spirit version is an excellent car, it does everything very well, it will be reliable and cheap to run yet hold its value pretty well. Its a roomy car and the performance and handling is good too. Put it this way the Corolla was a best selling car and won car of there year in 2002 and the Auris is easily much better than the corolla. The t-spirit model you are interested in has better interior too. Same bridge console but the dual climate control layout (similar to the rav4's) is more appealing and more classy.

I have test drove and seen most of the competition and for example i can't see why the Golf or even the audi i test drove today is worth the extra money. The golf was a big dissapointment, i reckon its replacement due out soon would change my mind. The audi is a very good all round car, its good at everything (bit like the auris) the diesel engine in the audi is probably better than the auris, not by much though and the design is probably nicer, but the audi is not really 4/5k nicer.

The handling on the auris is better than the corolla, the engines are better, the gear box is better, the comfort it better, the exterior is updated and more modern looking and yes i agree its conservative, some people would like more radical designs, i'll point you over to the space ship that is the civic :)

Ok the low points, the critics say the auris lacks sparkle, it may not be a pioneering design but in the flesh its a very sensible and appealing design (to me at least), no angle or feature in or out looks crazy or odd. They also say the handling isn't as sharp/sporty as others, yes it might not be but you'll have to be doing 45mph round a roundabout to figure that and i did push it on my test drive and i found no problems.

Have a 2 day test drive of the diesel 2.0d its a great engine if not a little diesely with its noise but a cracker none the less if you do high millage. Alternatively save 1.5k and get the petrol 1.6, it has more torque than the old one, a good improvement.

Alternatives? If i liked fords the focus is also a great car, as it the skoda fabia and if you want the golf but want to save a load of money and get a better looking car the seat leon is a great buy.

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Hi there!!

glad to hear that you have made your choice on an Auris T-Spirit, its a great car and has some very nic toys on it.

i work as a salesman for toyota and if it was my money going on an Auris it would be the 2.0 D4D diesel engine, it has got the power there from fairly low revs (around 2000) and will still return some decent economy too! the 1.6 petrol feels weak in comparison and will be more expensive to run.

i have only two main problems with the Auris, if you are wanting a T-Spirit, from our garage anyhow, its a waiting list all the way back to end of July, begining of August, and the second is that if you want it in either grey or black, you have to settle for the beige interior, which isnt bad, just not too my tastes.

overall tho its a great choice and stands out a lot more from your Focus and Astra style cars, i hope you enjoy your car when you get it and that this has been some help!!!!

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