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Pics Needed - Lowered Yaris


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ive got mine lowered 30mm on 17's?

looks good the wheels fit into the arches perfect.

OE 15's have the same rolling rad as the 17's should shouldnt be that disimilar

if ya want ill get a side view of the car

one on the lefts a bit small

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Cheers for the pics guys.

Its the TTE springs I'm getting, so the car should look pretty good !

Its running way to high at the mo, but that probably because Its only 5 days old and not had a chance to settle in yet. Have most of you found your Yaris's to drop after putting a few miles on them ?? My old man brought home an X reg CDX the other night and it looked much lower than my T3 does, so I'm guessing they do drop over time ?


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Hi andy

Yes you are right. when i first had the car lowered it looked fine. Now after a couple thousand more miles it looks a lot lower. You will love the way the handling will change. I notice that turning into bends and changing lane are done a lot sharper. Go for it mate get the TTE springs :thumbsup:


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