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1.6 Petrol Noisey At Speed - Is The 2.0 Diesel Quieter?

dark andrew

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I recently took a 1.6 petrol (tr spec) for a day long test drive and was overall quite impressed with the car - there were a couple issues though:

1. The gearing seems to be optimised for town driving and on the motorway the engine has to rev quite highly (around 4000 rpm or higher) to keep up with the other traffic. Has anyone tried the 2.0 dielsel with the 6 speed 'box, if so is this any quieter?

2. The centre "bridge" pushed against my left knee which in turn made me sit slightly off-centre on the seet which made the driving position a little odd. Has anyone else noticed this and is it something that you get used to or is something that is going to become an annoyance?

Other than these, like I say I was quite impressed. The handling was better than I had anticipated (I took it around as many roundabouts as I could and pushed it as hard I dared but could not get it to slide or even complain in the slightest) and on my local bumpy roads it seemed to soak up most of the bumps. So not bad - certainly a lot better than some other cars I've driven and also a lot better than some of the reviews would lead you to believe.

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I took a 1.6 Auris T Spirit out on an extended one day test drive earlier this week whilst my Yaris was in for its service.

I agree that the gearing appears to be optimised for town driving as whilst in 5th gear I felt that it needed another change up. Maybe the six speed box would be better?

I had no problems with the centre "bridge" but felt that the inside had rather too much plastic for the "T Spirit" grade. (It had much more plastic trim than my Yaris Ion has)

Overall I found the Auris a very capable car with taught handling and suspension that seemed to take on some of the rough roads without complaint. I appreciated the Cruise Control and the Airconditioning on the T Spirit and in just over 100 miles I managed 36.5 MPG average (With some very mixed driving)

Would I buy one?.................................................well...........??

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Diesel is a completely different experience at speed, the 6th gear makes it v.quiet at speed.

I did find the centre bridge rub against my knee too, i lowered the seat and that took my knee joint below the edge of the bridge which felt better.

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