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Help On Gearbox Fault


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:( Has any1 got any ideas what this knocking and vibrating could be from my 95GT it feels like a driveshaft but the gear box feels like it has a little play in it too, i have checked all the mounts and they seem fine and i only had gearbox parts fitted a few months back including diff bearings which cost £734!!! please not again!!!!!!! :crybaby:

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Could be worth looking at the drive shaft. I had a nasty clunking and grinding coming from the front left wheel area, and when engaging overdrive the gearbox seemed to squeak (mines an auto). Removed the drive shaft and it was all shiny at one end, it seemed to have slipped slightly in it's seating. Turned it over and put it back in and it's been fine ever since and the gearbox noise has gone too (guess it was the shaft slipping slightly when gears changed).

Mines a 1992 Gen5 though....

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