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Thats Gotta Hurt The Wallet!


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Like someone on there said it doesn't add up does it, the way the paint has splattered is not uniform.

If I had done something like that I would have kept quiet, smashed the windows and chucked in a burning rag, then say it was vandalism, hey prove it :unsure:

Americans they can be so stoopid.

And you think they must be a little more intelligent because they can afford a merc, maybe the opposite is true, even a dummy can have a merc :yes:

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Like most of you I had a right old giggle at this one. :lol: The guy really has compounded the problem by posting the images on the web, though. It's embarassing enough to have to go into a repair shop to get the thing sorted and having the staff laugh at him, but now the whole world knows what a prat he is!

I'd have kept quiet, contacted the insurance and had it sorted without advertising my stupidity to the whole world.

I'm being a bit hard on the poor guy, I know, but... he sort of deserves it. :P


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Have you ever seen Pulp Fiction? When Travolta shoots the young boy sitting in the back? S :censor: t Happens all the time... :unsure:


Coyote from BA


I was gonna say that! Top Film :thumbsup:

That has made my day....and for it to be a yank too :fishyface: :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Sorry to be boring, but if the can was under the seat how does it spray the steering wheel??? :blink:

well, this is what the owner said.....

I bought a spray paint and put it inside the car, but it somehow got caught under the seat. I didn't know so when I adjust the seat it punched a hole on the can and the paint blew out like a jet engine........

nice interior design these days..... B) :lol:

just joking :P i feel for him, must be some hefty bill for it :D


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