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:D Hello Tonight i bought myself a '91 Celica Cabriolet import. Been looking at it for 3 weeks and tonight my husbans said stop looking and do it. so i have traded in my little MX5 for a deep purple Celica.

Had a Celica about 15 years ago but was to poor to keep it. So now the kids have flown I am back in a proper car.

If i can get some insurance sorted I will pick it up tomorrow, so (if anyone else is still awake) any tips for insurance will be most welcome.

Is there a subscription for the club, meets and so forth Like the MX5 Club?

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Right, there is a club insurance deal knocking about but I'd imagine the post has vanished since the site crashed recently. :(

Another option for you is Liverpool Victoria, they are very good as are Elephant.co.uk & Tesco's.

There is a subscription for TOC Gold Members, you'll find loads of info about it lurking, basically it's £25 a year & you get tons of discounts off servicing at Toyota dealers - parts & labour etc - up & down the country, performance related discounts on modifications, even Halfords are on the list, there are non-car services & products discounted as well. :thumbsup:

As for meets there are loads all over the country, click the gallery to have a browse of some from this year. All the major summer shows are attended, the big one being the Japanese Auto Extravagansa in Northampton & there are always loads of mini-meets & not-so-mini-meets being planned every month in various locations. :)

Think that covers everything! :D Welcome to TOC! :thumbsup:

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