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New Head Unit/mr2 Subs = Confusion


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Right.......done a search and cant find what im after....

My import mr2 has a sony multichanger in it....which i want to oust and put my alpine mp3 player in. God everything working bar the noise...

head unit comes on no problem, but no noise.... on looking around here i see they have amps as standard? i am guessing tese will need power to them? anyone know off hand what wires these are. Ill have another look tomorrow but hoping someone may have some indepth knowledge!

Also the aeirial doesnt make an apperance when i flick over the radio/sh1te reception....

sorry for yet another question...ill learn these things one day :help:

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Sounds like you either are not connecting the remote wire (usualy blue from the head unit)(i dont rember what colour it is from the dashboard)

or the remote from your alpine is faulty in some way or missing :ffs:

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yeah... you need to connect that blue wire.. or no sound.. no ariel movement either if I remember ( not sure ).

Took me and the chaps at Halfords ages to suss it out... lol.

I think the wire is blue at both ends... if not.. grab the blue wire.. make sure the stereo is on and pug it into any wire that looks like it will fit. Eventually you'll see the ariel move and hear sound.

Why are MR2's such a pain when it comes to head unit installation..... removing the whole dashboard... what's all that about ... ?!!!?... lol

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