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Which Supra Would You Go For?


Big power or cheaper style  

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  1. 1. Big power or cheaper style

    • UK Supra TT (326BHP)
    • Import Supra NA Aerotop (225BHP)

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I've decided i want a Red Supra and i also want the Automatic Gearbox.

Im thinking right now that im either going to go for a UK Supra TT in Red with the Auto box and cream leather interior but UK cars are few and far between and especially more so with the cream interior.

Tomorrow im going to have a look at a Red Imported na Aerotop. Apologies to me slagging off the NA supra in the past. I've seen the error of my ways :lol:

The reason for this is id love the removable roof but im not going to get a UK car with this.

The Import Turbo Aero's are quite pricing and im not too keen on a 280bhp twin turbo when i could have the more powerful UK car.

So its either the most powerful Supra weighing in at 326bhp but may take time to get. Or its going to be style and cheaper insurance and the import Aerotop.

Im not rushing into it anyhow as this is going to be a car to last me a very long time.

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ignore the TT UK/import power thing.. although the UK initially has slightly more power (i believe when driving the extra bhp isnt even noticeable) , in reality the import is far easier to tune, get parts for blah blah..

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I was gonna say that it'd be cheaper to insure the uk supra than an import but you found out for yourself. Now youve just got tot find one of the 600 odd that were officially sold in the uk. And like Adi says, the power difference is minimal, with the jap spec turbo's spooling quicker the really is no noticeable difference in the real world.

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Thanks M8, just incase you or anyone actually see's one for sale this is what im after:


UK Model

less than 70k on the clock

Cleam Leather interior

6 Speed Manual or Automatic

But must be unmodified and undamaged for insurance purposes (need to meet a criteria)



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I hope you dont mind waiting lol

I know we all set our minds on our ideal cars but only having the option of white or red (with white being one of the rarer IIRC) i think you'll be in for a hard long search.

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could you not find a twin turbo aero? qoutes in uk are radiculously cheap. try living in ireland. i couldn't get insured on a supra even if i owned the insurance company!!!

Nice car mate :thumbsup::thumbsup: got any more pic's of your levin???

I have heard that insurance in ireland is silly :angry::angry: a bloke I know over there has a 1.3 Corolla and he pays over £1500!!!!!! he's 23!!!!! nightmare :( :(

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could you not find a twin turbo aero? qoutes in uk are radiculously cheap. try living in ireland. i couldn't get insured on a supra even if i owned the insurance company!!!

I was under the impression that All aerotops are N/A.....

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They do it on the Mk4 turbo too :) (remember that horrible orange thing on fast and the furious?)

Craig Lebermans car aha yes, but that was built before the movie.....and is not a factory car !

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Yeah thanks guys but i already knew about the turbo aerotop.

This all began because i thought a N/A supra would be cheaper than a turbo, and if that was the case i may as well get an aerotop.

But after looking into it im going for a UK Turbo because they are cheaper to insure, higher spec, more bhp and more exclusive than the imports.

And most of all you can get it serviced at any toyota dealer :lol:

Its just getting hold of a good one. I want a standard or almost standard one and thats getting tough.

Especially seeing as im very picky and want a low mileage one with the cream leather interior.

Looks like im gonna have a long wait ahead :(

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Yeah but you have to deal with the stoooopid horns that UK cars have ;) If you're keeping it totally standard then I can see your point, jspec cars are easier to tune though if you were planning on going for extra BHP.

Apparently they don't like insuring NA's as they're a "rarer" car so more expensive to fix if you crash it, I found that most companies I rang didn't care whether it was an import or not.

Besides, think about it...toyota are jap cars so therfore Uk spec supes are "imposter" supras... the jspecs are the real deal :P

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