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Just Been To See My Supra.


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I sold my Supra just on 4 years ago to a local Taxi Driver. The car was [and funnily enough, still is] a non Turbo 1987 model on a D plate. I bought it because it was in my own humble opinion, Immaculate. Nothing has changed. The same guy owns it and he has put an extra 2000 and a bit miles on it in 4 years. When he bought it from me, he said he would just be using it to take out the grand kids at the weekend and the odd day out with the missus. It was going to be a serious hi days and dry days car.

It still dosen't have a single scuff on any of its bumper corners and as you can expect, everything still works.

Would I buy it back? Is it for sale? Yes and yes but not yet. I guess I have found my Supra but im gonna have to wait a while longer to get my hands back on it...........Unless another white Non Turbo manual with blue Leather seduces me...... anyone? :rolleyes:

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There's two very mint turbos come up for sale recently, one red and one white, around the 3k IIRC. Ones on the mkiii owners group website www.mkiiisupra.net/bbs and the other i can get the email addy for you if you wish.

My chrimbo pressie to myself is in my sig :drool:

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