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Temp Gauge And Faulty Sensor


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The story is this:

the water temp gauge in my Corona TD (Carina E) always has pointed 1or 2 mm above the begining (C)of the scale when hot. After the cooling fans finished their work, the gauge goes down only 1 mm.

I checked the gauge, its not stuck, also put the sensor connector to ground and the gauge shows the full scale, without jumps or interruptions, also tried a putting resistor in serial and the gauge showed half scale. So I must supouse that it is working good. :thumbsup:

So I guess that the sensor in the engine is faulting. DOES ANYONE HOW TO TEST IT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE IT? :blink:

Also to ensure myself circuitry and gauge are working fine? :help:

I have two choices:

1- go to the dealer and wait for a bill that ripps my head off :eek:

2 - Get the sensor with a 40% discount from the factory and spend a whole day ( and night) changing it by myself :crybaby:

Personally 1 would be veeeeery expensive, because they will charge me even the sugar of the coffee, and 2 if I'm not 100 % sure it is the sensor, I wouldn't like to disamble the complete engine to change it as it is under and behind the injection and heaters.

Please help me to figure it out what the faulty part is. Tips, methods, anything will be certainly apprecciated.

Desperate cheers

Coyote from BA


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I started in other way:

I measured with a ohmeter from the sensor connector to ground both hot and cold moments.

The results were:

Hot: 215 ohms

Cold: 2.5 k ohms

Also I measured in Contact 10.5 volts between the connector that goes to the car and ground.

So if anyone can help me to compare these results to others, I'll appreciate it!!!


Coyote from BA


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