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Scarched Alloy


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I wouldn't if i was you mate. You would only make matters worse. If it's not to bad live with it.But if they are really bad i would recommend to get them refurbished.

Ask jaxx about getting wheels refurbished he should be able to help you mate :thumbsup:


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yeah yeah come to the king of wrecked wheels! :lol:

when i had my 'accident' i had to have the wheels painted and on one - refurbed

my best mate owns his own car repair garage and was able to do the whole lot

to take out the chunks i removed from one wheel (which werent excessivly deep mite i add) he simply used an orbital sander with a coubik ish pad on it to remove the gash and then blended it into the rest of the spoke - sounds grim but you cant even tell it wasnt there!

next they were just scotch padded to key them then primed and painted (not tellin ya what paint! :lol: )

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