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Maximum Sized Wheels


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Now this one may rack a few peoples brains,

im very reluctant to follow through on this.

Active sports import, has active suspension that raises and lowers depending on speed, when you hit 60 it lowers itself,

i think i got 15inch wheels at the moment, but the look more like 14, i should really check .

does anyone know or could hazard a guess at the biggest size i could go for,

dont want a big set that look good when im doing less thnan 60, but will rip the arches if i go over it!

thanks everyone

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There are plenty of folk who have 17's and have lowered their cars, its unlikely that yours will drop itself any lower than people have lowered thiers so you'd have to say 17's are no problem. Any bigger and you're likely to suffer with serious tramlining anyway i would think.

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