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Camry 1988 Electrical Prob!


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Okay guys/girls. Please help me out here I'm in serious need of fixing this problem.

I have a 1988 Camry LE , automatic with 237,000 miles or so on it. It runs great and everything but we have one serious problem. Every once in a while, it won't start. All you hear is clicking. Lights turn on, radio turns on, heat turns on, so the Battery is good. We have replaced the starter and cellanoid already. This is a very inconsistent problem. Fr instance, I just went outside and tried to start it, but last night when I wanted to go somewhere it wouldnt start. We have checked for shorts and have found one problem but it still has not fixed it. we are stumped.

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Sounds like a Battery wire problem, some wires come with a end allready put on them at the factory. You can not see in there but they become dirty and full of junk.

Check all Battery leads to make sure there clean, next time the car will just click. Get someone to hold the key in start for you as you wiggle the wires. You might just find the problem.

Also make sure the leads on the starter are good and clean. The click click is normally from the silonid or voltage regulator. A sign of dirty leads or a bad Battery.

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Just an idea.

I had this years ago on a Renault TS16...it would not start on occasions ,

Then on next turn of key it would.

I traced the fault to the gear selector ( column mounted )

It was not returning to its PARK POSITION. fully.

So the " Do not start in gear " whatsit was not in its correct position.

So when yours has a fit like that. Rock the gear selector back and forwards a few times.

See if you have a similar. "Don't start in gear" situation.

I have a 1995 2.2lts Camry I bought new. I still have it 122K on it

its been a treasure

Any one in Newcastle on Tyne do reasonable priced body work.

I need 2 real wheel arches done...johnny@melvin.com


Johnny M



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I was getting excited. I thought there was a live Camry thread going there :laugh: I shall go back to my lonely existence.

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