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Toyota-fitted Sub


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hi, can anyone help me? when brought my car. the dealers were doing a special on the subs and rear speaker fitting. so, like a fool, thinking it'd sound ok i had it done. that was 3 months ago and i've already upgraded the rears :thumbsup: my problem is that toyota wired the sub up to the front Speakers and not the rears so i'm still killing the fronts cos otherwise i cant hear my sub. is there any way i can re-connect it to the rears, take some strain off the fronts????

nice one to anyone who can help :help::help::help:

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Shame AcidMatt about the sound

I decided i wanted a little as possible in mine, as i was going to rip it out any way.

But being it was a T-Spirit, with six Speakers (without the sub), 4 Mids (2 Front & Rear doors)and 2 tweeters (Fronts only) i've changed mine to Mids and Tweeters at front only, rear disconnected, custom sub in boot.

All i can say now, it's kicking like mad in my car :thumbsup:



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:ph34r: there is a little loom that you need to buy.. from the dealer that allows all the front Speakers to work together and the rear ones to work on there own....

the sub is a loop so it just plugs in and then the other end i think goes into the rears.....if your not sure just ask really nicley at the dealer to do it correct as per the fitting instructions...

i have mine and its just right not too much bass but load enough for david bowie...lol :ph34r:


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