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Any Ideas?


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Hi Can anyone help with the following....


I have recently purchased new headlight bulbs (blue light) and installed them but my right-hand side (when in car) headlight isn't as clear as the left, I am presuming that maybe the glass needs a clean on the inside, I took the four clips off the glass front but can't get the glass off, do I need to force it, take out the whole headlight or is it glued? Any ideas??

Dashboard Display Lights

Is it possible to change the colour of the dashboard display, ie Fuel/Oil indicators, Speedometre.

Is it a case of changing the bulbs or possibly colouring the front where the light shines through

Would I have to take out the whole dashboard to ge to it?



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Headlamp glas is normally bonded to lamp body. You can get them off, but it is not advisable.

The misting may be due to condensation burning off.

Your dash lights could possibly be changed.........if they use conventional bulbs. If LED's are used........forget it!

You can normally remove the cluster quite easily ( 5/6 screws ).

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I like the sound of changing the dashboard lights (No I'm not a Meat Loaf Fan!)

Post here is ya get any where with it!

PS. When I tried to log in it said I wan't registered! So just had to re-register same details as I registered with b4, do the accounts expire if not used regularly?


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