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Engine Mounted Problem?


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I have a 1999 Corolla LE and have never done any major job on it except changing the oil, filter and air filter. I recently had a brake work at a shop (replace the pad and fluid the brake). Now when applying the brake, no matter the speed, 5 or 10 miles, the car always has little pump with a noise. It’s not smooth and quite (it feels like have loose part inside the car and hit the car). I went back to the shop, they said my car has engine mounted problem.

I didn't understand why I don't have that problem before the brake work. Their explanation was elusive.

I had another shop check on the car. Guess what, their conclusion is that I got wrong fluid! So the pressure on cylinder is not quite right.... bla.. The brake oil is in pink color, I was told it supposed to be light transparent. The damage could be huge ($400+) as the brake oil is all over the brake system and it's costly to clean and replace.

So, my questions:

Is possible that engine mounted problem appears along when brake is replaced?

What's the color of brake oil?

What's the consequence if I get wrong brake fluid?

Thanks in advance.



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Sounds like they done the dogey on you

there should be no damage to the brake system though and the fluid residue on the booster and any other parts of the car can be cleaned off with degreeser and water.

the break fluid i normally use is 3-4 dot brake fluid and is normally green in colour. its the same stuff i use in the clutch. (hydraluic fluid) but the wrong fluid was use it should only reduce the braking capacity of the car.

all hat should be done to the brakes is that they need to be re bled (old fulid pumped out with new) you can do this your self but if you get it wrong ::: brakes may not work properley ::: so if you dont know what your doing seek professional help.

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