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Rav4 Handling


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Just want to know how the Rav4 handles round corners and bends. Does it feel like a 4x4..ie big car or saloon. What mpg do u guys get with it.

Been thinking about either a 4x4 CRV or Rav4. Found a CRV for about 8.5K but cant find a newer shape Rav4 for less than 10k. The older shape is not as nicer looking cf to CRV old shape....and the newer shape CRV is ugly. My impressions..but newer shape RAv4 is best looking...

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The RAV handles very much like a car & not a 4x4.

Fuel consumption is around 25mpg urban & 32mpg combined. These are the official figures.

I can understand you wanting a newer RAV, but the older shape is still a desirable motor & worth considering.

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Hi there,

My parents have both an old shape (P-reg, 5 door GX) and a new shape (X-reg, 5 door NV petrol). The general feeling in our family is that the older car is actually the better handling (ie when being hustled along a twist A or B road) due to its stiffer suspension, but for longer distances the new car is far superior as it is both quieter and has a better ride. Of course, this could be because one has done 73,000 miles more than the other.......

You should also note that the tyres you have fitted make a big difference....

Hope that this helps.



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Sorry, meant to say that the X-reg (when I'm driving) does about 27 to 28 mpg and we can't really measure the P-reg for any comparison as it does most of its miles in 2nd & 3rd gear (1.5 miles of steep track to home and most of the day spent in and around his lordship's yard or towing).

My boss has an S-reg 5 door (i.e. old style but facelifted) and loves it, commenting that the petrol consumption is no worse than the old Escort that it replaced, it's comfortable and can climb hills

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guess it would have to be the New shape since although handling is important a relaxed drive is more preferable. I guess I'm used to driving the E class that way and for a second runabout it needs to be fairly competent in both areas.

Just need to find myself a used new shape....anyone selling one?

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