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Lift Off Oversteer:does T Sport Suffer From This?

new 2002 Tsport owner

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Can anyone who has experience of pushing T-sport to limit [i.e. track day] tell me if lift off oversteer is a problem or is easy to detect/control.

After watching Top Gear with other front wheel drive cars lift off oversteer seems to be something to be aware off.

I have rear wheel drive cars in past that had oversteer if you used too much turn and throttle but have never had lift off oversteer in front wheel drive car and I am a bit concerned that if a corner is misjudged and I lift off throttle then the back end will snap out unexpectedly!

Any thoughts on this?

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lift off oversteer is fun!!!!! lol

i'd say probably all cars front wheel drive will suffer from this,

but i have done this in my compressor, the VSC kicks in as soon as it steps out, so just plant your foot back down with little correction, don't correct too much cos it'll prob end up flick right out the other way

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This can be easily created by driving round an island on the throttle and lift off, the back will twitch. I dont think the CTS is a tricky car to control but driving to fast out of a bend and then having to lift isnt good driving!

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I have not experienced it yet...

I know the theory is to slow down before bend then accelerate through but you can always be caught out by deceptive bend.

I just want to be prepared because I have been on a skid course but it only covered rear wheel drive oversteer/front wheel drive understeer not front wheel drive lift off oversteer.

The amount of oversteer on top gear was worrying if you are not expecting front wheel drive car rear to snap out!

It is comforting to know that VSC may help.

As an aside,

I was overtaking car on dual carriageway and had entered lift in second and accelerating hard.

Car I was about to overtake then wanders into my lane and I fully lifted off throttle from full going completely in a straight line.

The feeling was very uncomfortable and car felt a bit unsteady...the wife drew me daggers I can tell you!

This got me to thinking about what affect would be if repeated on a bend.

Full on lift, maybe misjudged sharpness of bend, panic and full lift off = ???????????????????????

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