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Tte 30mm Springs

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I am in need on your opinion I have booked my Corrola T-Sport to be lowered on 30mm TTE springs next Saturday. But after going out the other day with a few of my friends who own CTR’s I am been told to have coil-overs fitted instead. What I am interested to know is have any of you guys had your T-Sport lowered on the TTE springs and did it make a huge amount of difference in the handling of the car. I am much more interested in improving the cars handling than make it look good. If any of you guys could give some advice it would be much appreciated.

Nick :thumbsup:

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Can only talk about yaris tte springs and they are very good, it sorts the 'wobble' out. coil overs are very expensive and hard to set up for everyday use. up to you.... i would stick to springs, cheap and effective :thumbsup:

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