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Stock Cd Player Replaced!


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I've got a 96 celica and I'm going to try exactly the same thing over the weekend... :help:

Could you tell me how the centre console front comes off?? I don't want to lever it off with a screwdriver and find I've missed some screws somewhere, but I can't see any...

does it literally just prise off?

I can't see that I can leave it on as it covers the edges of the tape/tunr and CD units.

Thanks in advance :)

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I did'nt fit the radio myself, but i remember looking. Screw off the gear knob, grab the plastic surronding the gear stick at the end nearest the ashtray, it should pull up easily, not too much, stick a screwdriver in nearthe radio end an d prise the surrond out, disconnedt wires and lift it off the gear stick. you should now see two maybe more star screws. prise out the air vents , there should be more behind them.

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:D well i have had to repair my celica head unit (cd/tape/rds radio) it is an all in one sony...the dam roller fell of that takes the cd into the player...now fixed...and yes you start from the ashtray area and work upwards...2 phillips screws at the bottom then at the top 2 tight press fits...then you have 4 8mm nuts/screws to remove and the iso and arial...thats it....but remember ..if you take the head unit to bits be sure before you start to mark the 2 brakets (one each side) as they can be put back on the wrong angle....and as a foot note..i am after a sony head unit..tape/cd/radio for a celica sr (1998)....its an all in one thing....so any offers if you have one will be appreciated.. candym@ntlworld.com i am new to the celica club so i do not know much about the car...apart from the cost of buying a few bits and bobs for the one i have......thanks....

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If your changing cables from Toyota loom to ISO (standard fit on most, if not all, H/U) then its just a matter of finding the right year for your car, but you most likely find it will be all the same.


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