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Corolla With Trailer Questions


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I am moving from CA to OR, and planning on using a trailer pulled by my 1995

Corolla 1.8 four-door.

(1) Where would I go online for information to find out how much weight

maximum my car can pull, and also (2) what additional equipment is needed to

add onto the car?

I obviously need a trailer - but I've learnt that I also need something

called a hitch - any buying/renting tips on these?

Thanks in advance,


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I own a 93 Corolla LE. The ratings are in your user manual, without going down to the car at this moment, I beleive the maximum tow rate is around 3000-3500. There are different weights, one for toung, one for overall weight and so on.

Hitch... I found a hitch from Reese Hitches called the Shadow hitch. It's strickly Class I (which is all the car can tow anyway) and it somewhat hides underneath the rear bumper. The hitch is not the standard box style like you normally see, it's has a rectangular style box, kinda nice looking actually. The only part you see is were the hitch bar goes in. And when not in use, you snap that little black cover on.


Reese Hitches Website

It ran me around $120.00 or so, plus some electrical connectors used for UHaul.

I keep a tow bag in the trunk with different connectors and two bars with different size balls just in case.

* Hey, where abouts in OR are you moving too? I have family up in Springfield just off the Mc Kenzie River.

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