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Jluy 03 - JAE Ultimate JAP SHOW


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Plans are now being drawn up for the TOC pitch at JAE.

Like last we all had a great time chillin out with all the other Lexus owners from the club. Last years JAE really placed LOC on the map. This year we plan to put TOC on the map of clubs.

As part organiser of this years JAE I would like to release the plan of JAE to members here to tempt more people ths year to the UK finest jap car show.

To view the plan as of febuary please click here; http://www.japcarclub.com/jae/pitchguide.jpg

May take a short while to load.

We urge all members to check out the JAE website at http://www.jae.org.uk and place these dates in your calendar as this is really unmissable!

LOC have reserved 125 car places just for Lexus and 65 car places for Toyota Owners Club making us the lagest pitch of the whole show. We need your support and presence this year.. also bring the wife! she'll love it! :D

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would be ace to get the toyota trio

Yaris, corrolla and avensis at the meets in bunches.. show what a great car these really are!

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Originally posted by uts
Originally posted by Steve

ill be travvling home and bring the next buncha mates that wanna come

i'll take that as being hardcore then! lol

Young man! :D:D:D

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Originally posted by rhaines

young man ???

does that make me an embryo :D :D :D

Yeah.. a slime bag with yellow puss on ya head!

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While on JAE, IMOC use a template for sticking in their windows at JAe so peeps can easily see what car you have and what you've done to it, I've changed it slightly for TOC, still needs some work on the TOC grpahic but wondered what peeps thought....

Would be good to get some type of uniform design for the TOC/LOC stands, file attached below....


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