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Intermittent Alarm Activation

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Wonder if anyone can help.....

I have a 2009 Auris SR180 and I have a problem with the alarm.

The alram keeps going off intermittently, usually after rain and when the condensation builds up in the car when the sun comes out.

I have taken it to my main dealer four times now but they keep testing it and saying that the alarm is not registering any fault codes.

There idea of testing it is to put in a warm, dry garage and wait for it to go off. None of the environmental factors present which seems to be present to set the alarm off

The only thing they said that could be setting it off is my magic tree air freshener, a CD left in the CD player or my sun glasses left in the central storage compartment. I have removed all of these and still no joy, had a full weekend of "beep-beep-beep-beep" and scowls from the neighbours

I have booked it in at the main dealer yet again but the rather rude and condersending woman behind the service desk explained to me that she "understands the inconvenience this is causing to me" and "it may be something I just have to live with"

It was at this point I explained that it is not the inconvenience to me but the neighbours and how isolating my alarm at the main dealers instructions would be something my insurance company will be interested in hearing when they are assessing the burnt out wreckage of my car.

I then explained that I will make a painted sign that will read " call (main dealers number) to report any inconvenience".

Does any member have any ideas I can take to Inchcape Burton to point them in the right direction of the cause as they seem to be just "p***ing in the wind" at the moment.

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