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Display on top of dashboard

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The display card that sits in the binnacle on top of the dashboard has dropped down - anyone know how you take off an iQ dashboard/console binnacle so I can fix this? 

Tia, David.

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can you explain in greater detail your problem David. Not sure what a Binnicle is



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I'm guessing mean the airbag warning panel above the slot in the centre of the dash for the CD?

If so you need to remove the heater control panel first by carefully pulling it towards you around the edges, it only clips into place so ease it around off around the outside edges. 

Once that is off you will see two hex head bolts either side of the radio unit. Undo them, 10mm socket needed, then once again pull the whole radio housing towards you and it will un-slot from the dash top and lift away.

The display panel only clips into place but could be glued with hot melt glue if the clips have broken somehow.


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