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Trading Up To Toyota


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Im in the process of changing car from fiat bravo (spit!) to new yaris t sport. Thought it may be interesting to find out other peoples cars prior to their toyota to establish which company is making the most losses to toyota. Let us know guys and gals....

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My previous motor was a Renault 19 turbo Diesel.

Very Reluctant sale, you may laugh - it's a bit old fashioned now,

but it did over 60mpg constantly, had huge amounts of power and torque...but

not exactly explosive off the start line....but does it really matter?

mid range power is much more useful.

bodywork was imaculate... {Renaults have always had good body's

- fully galvanised with a about 7 layes of finish treatment} Not many

motors can offer 12 year warranty on bodywork.

Parts were expensive..but then again nothing really ever went wrong

in the five years I owned it.

I love the T-sport...but actually prefer Renault as a manufacturer.


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I had and a Citreon AX GT in immaculate condition.

I still own it at the moment, I will be selling as soon as I have my number plate transferred off it on to my new Yaris T Sport.


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I had a Yaris SR in red before I bought my blue T Sport.

I prefer my T Sport but I did like the 3D effect speedo in the SR. I think the white dials and stick on petrol meter are a bit tacky in the T sport. Still I wouldn't go back

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never owned anything but a toyota. i've drove other makes and they are generally poor. Some good ones but most felt crap.

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V Reg Astra 1.4 LS

Although the build quality wasn;t as good there are a few little touches I miss. I personally feel the astra was a better (or maybe easier?) car to drive, but in 1.4 16v form was lacking a little power, although is pretty much the quicket 1.4 in it's class.

Many people say the styling was bland, although I was fairly fond of it. Although the interior as has been said over and over was very drab, although very ergonomic and useable.

There are a few little touches i miss, 1. changing the dashboard lighting in the astra also affected the LCD screen. The stereo could increase in volume as you got quicker (5 different levels of compensation) and it has 6 Speakers as standard, the corolla only has four, and doesnt sound quite so good for it.

I also find the corolla tends to tramline a little, but this could be to it having 16" wheels and slightly flatter rubber than the 14" on the astra.

Both cars are practical and can be fun. The corolla however isn;t as common (yet) and beats it on image hands down.

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Jeep Cherokee

Fiat Coupe 16v Turbo

Fiat Coupe 1800

Nissan 100NX 2.0

Fiat Punto GT1/GT2 & Cabrio

Seat Cordoba 1400

Suzuki Swift GTi

Triumph Splitfire MK2

BMW 318 E30

Alfa Romeo 33 1.7

Lancia Beta Coupe 2.0

Renault 5

Seat 124 2.0

Toyota Corolla K35 (the 2-door isnt it?)

2 Fiestas MK1 and a MK2

Fiat Cinquecento

Peugeot 205 Cabrio

Peugeot 106 Rallye

i hope i havent forgot anything

Most of these were my father's (who actually owns the T-sport) and some of them are the family's car and so i drive it too

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Toyota Carina E - Well built & reliable.

Rover 400 - stodgy, fragile & expensive to maintain.

Peugeot 205 - Stop gap car. Did a job at the time.

Ford Focus - Underpowered, Uncomfortable, dynamically good. Lost £4000 in 12 months, from new.

Toyota Avensis VVT-I- No complaints.

Future prediction:- New Avensis or RAV 4, D-4-D.


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My friend drives an A2 1.4 tdi. I was actually quite impressed, for a small diesel engine it is suprisingly nippy, and I think audi interiors ar gorgeous - what didn;t you like about it?0

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  • 1982 (Y) Ford fiesta 1.1 Quartz (1st car written off within 4wks) :rolleyes:
  • 1981 (W) Ford Escort 1.3 L -(Crystal Green Metallic)
  • 1986 © Ford Fiesta XR2 -(Rosso Red)
  • 1988 (F) Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL 3dr Hatchback -(3E5-Super Red)
  • 1992 (J) Toyota Corolla 1.6 GTi-16v 3dr Hatchback -(040-White)
  • 1996 (P) Toyota Corolla 1.6 Si 3dr Hatchback -(8B6-Caribbean Blue Metallic)
  • 1999 (V) Subaru Impreza 2.0 Turbo 4dr Saloon -(Royal Silver Metallic)
  • 2000 (X) Lexus IS200 SE -(8M6-Royal Sapphire)
  • 2003 (03) Lexus IS200 SE (3P0-Scarlatti Red)

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Citroen Saxo East Coast

I'll never buy another Citroen again - piece of **** car.

I bought it new and it broke down nearly as much as our previous car, a 25 year old VW Beetle 1303S.

Before that was a 'water soluble' MG metro - it dissolved a little every time it rained!!

I've got a Yaris TS now and although my wife wants to trade it in in a years time, I don't think I can part with it.... She is suggesting an Alfa Spyder though.....hmmm.

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Rover 414i

before that Honda CRX

before that Mk3 Fiesta

before that Mk1 fiesta

before that Chevette

Still think the Corolla TS is the best car, but only just the CRX was just as quick and fun but not a practical

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