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Sims Of Northampton


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Just received a quote back this morning from Sims of Northampton for Zanipolo's (snigger), 20K service.

All inclusive, they said £174.

Anyone used them before - are they any good?

Also - should a courtesy car be of free use when you take a car for a service, or do you expect to pay a fee to use it?


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I've used them for my last service B4 the warranty ran out - not the cheapest, but they are good in terms of service.

Also their parts department are great - they now know my voice and car and dont mess me about when it comes to ordering etc.

As regards hire car - I generally just abandon it and have a wander round the inustrial park whilst Im waiting (theres a McDs and a Halfords for entertainment amongst others). You usually expect to pay say a tenner for the use of a temp car these days. Im not saying I think that its right - just that it seems to be the done thing.

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I'm not worried about a tenner.

Last time I had a car serviced, they wanted £30, and I had to get my own petrol!

I'm waiting for quotes back from other garages at the moment.

Sims are about 30 miles from me, so not the closest, but only an extra 10 miles away, compared to the distance I'd need to go to my closest garages - Oxford or Stratford.

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ha ha, come on you know what the score is by now mate you've been on here long enough

Wondered if you'd noticed... :D

Didn't know if it'd be worth asking other model owners (models of cars, not fashion models...), as pricing would be different I would expect, thats the reason I put it in "Yaris."


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I used them for my 1st service (about £110 with new wiper blades) and they seemed ok to me

also brought my yaris from them

Didn't get a courtesy car though

As clarky said just go for a look round the shops or go and look at the used car sales they have a couple of T-pots in atm:)

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