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1,000th Post


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Do I win a prize? :toast:

Or more likely, should I shut up more :rolleyes:

It’s all academic.

If you post 99% of the time in the 1,000,000 to 0 thread or the Word Association Thread then your post count is meaningless and is effectively spam. Or even worse, 66+ pages of copy and pasted dumb a$$ jokes :yawn:

If however your posts are like mine and are productive helpful or even sarcastic then well done to getting to a 1000 :thumbsup:

Stick to the Yaris - a

man needs to know his limitations......

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Flexy7 and SteveL...

Get a room! :lol:

The only room I would get is if she stays in Scotland and I'll stay 300 miles away rubbing my firemans pole.(See my Avatar)! :lol:

:lol: First time I've agreed with you on this thread.. :P

Oh heck Fluxy you are soooo pathetic to make such a childish change to my post.... it is so unfunny that it is bordering on being offensive. Grow up for the sake of everyone on here. As for stalking you.... good grief I have better things to do with my time rather than waste it on you!

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Flexy.... stop winding people up for kicks

Steve.... ignore Flexys posts (there is an ignore button you know!)

If this doesn't stop, I'm going to start dishing out warnings - I'm sick of telling people more than once!

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:lol: You're quick enough to dish it out but get all huffy when you get some back, quite sad really.. :crybaby:

Grow up.... you really are silly!

I'm sorry but I will not use the ignore button as I do like to maintain the flow of a thread and to lose a post or 50 would not allow that to be so.

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Then both of you stop your bickering....!!

Final verbal warning!

Do I get detention ;) :lol:

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