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Jae 2009

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I don't see why people are moaning. £20 or even £25 is good for a weekend, i might even come down! lol

TBH i think the moaning and that is an axcuse, surely if you like your cars and appreciate the work people do on them you don't mind they aren't moving. Am sorry but to me that seems better, looking at them up close and able to chat to the guys and that than them racing away from you and that being i said thats just me each to their own.

seriously, if you think its bad price for one day why not make the weekend of it? yeah it may not be possible but what about asking someone to cover you fridya? do a day of theirs if they do yours? i'm not saying its ideal but if you were passionate you would try. if you've tried and still not able least you can argue you tried.

don't moan about the price or location because I don't think either are particuly bad.

Love your cars? Love your club? love your mates? then ubik £20 or £25 quid, it's worth it imho


Being as i made most of the expensive comments, i thought i should reply ;)

i was not moaning however i was shocked at the price this year :eek:

yes if i could go for the weekend £25 per person is not bad at all, however it was not so long ago that JAE

was a car show & you paid for the car to enter, you could put 4 or 5 people in and it was still only around £6 :yes:

Its not an excuse for me not to go to JAE i have been going since 2001.

As for looking at cars static i go to meets every month and do that,

I'm not sure if you have ever been to a race meeting? but you can go into the pits & chat to the guys/girls

who are racing :yes: so if you want to ask about their cars you can.

I do not know where you work, Mark has to work 6 days a week and i can promise you NO-ONE would cover his Saturday :crybaby:

I personally think that £20-25 for the weekend isnt bad really...

However sadly the dates mean that my other half Mike woould only be able to make Sat/Sun and not the full on 4 day (usually on set up crew) fun we normally have... and that has put a bit of a dampner on the whole thing...

I'm still in two minds about the whole thing... I have been to every JAE since 2005 (and even dropped in on 2004 on the Sunday)... it would feel odd not going, but they seem to make it a little more difficult each time...


i have said the same however its pointless hun as people think we are moaning ;)

i remember you coming along 2004, in your Gold yari :D

as myself, you & Jerry were doing the rounds together found Rob just before he left :lol:

if i remember most had left, there were only a few of us left Sunday afternoon.

Folks JAE is good fun if you can make it for the full weekend go along and have a laugh,

you'll see loads of very nice jap metal.

But if you can only make it for one day, do yourself a favour and try to make it the Saturday

as the Sunday tends to fizzle out very early as people start to leave for home at lunch time.

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i understand kimi, i aint been to a race meet, infact i aint been to many, just a couple of the Hull jobbies, JAE 2007 and CAE last year.

It isn't that good for one day and it sounds like you have tried to do the weekend but you can't due to circumstances so don't take it personally chick :)

I am a minimum wage slave for a factory making ready meals for Marks and Spencers. Monday to thursday 6-2 and fridays 6-1

I understand monies tight for EVERYONE at the moment and am not nocking anyone for working 6-7 days a week.

Just i can't see why people moan without even trying is all.

No offense meant Kimi :)

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It is really simple... you can either go or not go! :P

no justification is needed either way.

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None taken Gaz :P

I'm a minimum wage slave too :( Marks OK though reasonable money, he just hates working 6 days a week :angry::crybaby:

its even worse when we go away for a week and he still has to work the Saturday :(

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