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Winetr Tyres

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Hi Guys,

Anyone out there have any winter tyres for sale or know where I might lay my hands on a used set. To fit my 08 Avensis tourer 215 50 17.

Its a biz trip to Zurich in early Jan, I've got some chains but having used chains before its not an ideal solution.

I live in Wiltshire but will be happy to travel with cash or even rent?

Thanks Paul 07831416477.

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Hiya mate,

I am ordering mines from (0800 5420 255/0800 008 6280) They do a great job for a good price. I am awaiting some 2 Pirellis Snowcontrol for me, as they are being manufactured for me, ordered by them. Should have them fitted in 2 weeks time.

Even though they're in Liverpool, I can imagine they'll send you ones via mail or so. Even if not, send out a courier to their garage to pick up the tyres (once they have some in stock) and have them delivered to your door.

Otherwise I will order them from Poland or Germany if the delivery fails. Foreign stocks are bursting with all possible sizes and brands of winter tyres. Although yours look quite pricy. I am having 185/60/15 which are about £60 per tyre.

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