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Hi All,

I use the trip button quite a bit on my T3 to see the petrol range, and decided to leave it showing the "instantaneous fuel consumption" for a little while..and occasionally it'll shoot up to 99.9 mpg!!! It's not a constant problem but wondered if anybody else gets this?

Also the car is going to get a 6 inch key scratch sorted at Toyota on Tuesday, the handbrake seems to have to be pulled up quite high to get it to hold, it will be ok to mention this on Tues wont it?? It's definately a warranty thing in my eyes..do you reckon they would tighten it up for me while they are sorting the scratch?



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thats when you release the pedal and will still be doing a constant speed so the computer in the car works out that your doing 50mph for example yet very little fuel is passing through!

its normal dont worry

just mention the handbrake and theyll take 2 mins to adjust it

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I got my handbrake fixed! - it was becoming dangerous and started rolling down the hill when i got into it - and it was going as high as it could...

Tell them before its becomes dangerous and it is under warranty!

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The handbook says:

"The following items are not covered by the warranty:

Normal wear and tear

Normal noise, vibration, wear and tear and deterioration such as discoloration, fading or deformation.

Maintenance expenses

Normal maintenance services such as engine tune-ups, replacement or fluids and filters, lubrication, cleaning and polishing, replacement of spark plugs and fuses, and replacement of worn Wiper Blades, brake pads and shoes and clutch linings. However, if these services are required as part of a warranty repair, they are covered by the warranty.

They say they wont repair brake pads, but it says nothing about the handbrake - so yeah I think they should do that, but best to check first!

Plus shes only had the car a few months and it shouldnt be loose.

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Excessive take-up on the handbrake is an MOT failure... thus if it's within the warranty period it will be tightened. Only consumables are not under warranty...ie the pads themselves.

As said..two minute job to tighten.


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Thanks to the wonder of modern EFI, when you briefly release the throttle pedal, ZERO fuel should pass through! Very clean and efficient!

But I certainly wouldn't class it as a problem! The instantaneous fuel consumption meter is doing its job! :huh:

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thats true.

if you roll upto a set of lights on red with the clutch still out but no acceleartion the car uses no petrol and then catch it just before it trys to stall

if you knock into neutral and coast to the lights the engine is still using petrol to tick over the engine!

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