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Pride And Joy


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should i have went for a gt4?

A Celica is a Celica matey.... ALL great cars. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

And Bob... That is beautiful. People would pull their own teeth for one like that now. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Take a look at this, on eBay.......6 years later and she's still looking good :)


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Now this one was my pride and joy (sorry about it being a scanned photo ), the model is a 1600ST,fitted with an over bored, 1600GT twincam.

Using bigger pistons and a custom made crank, this gave it a 1900cc capacity and 170bhp.

The engine made just the sound you expect from a twincam running on twin 45 side drafts, it had a single box Janspeed competition exhaust system, and sounded just great......what a motor :yes: .



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Not much to look at the mo but shes pretty straight and I have been wanting a white one for ages. The wheels are miles too small, ride too high, exhaust not noisy enough :P and she will be getting a new bumper once the box and boost are sorted (by sorted i mean rebuilt and raised :thumbsup: )

Celica ST185-01

Celica ST185-02

Celica ST185-03

Celica ST185-04

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