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  1. Hi folks I have been trying for a while to find a way to get my HTC Desire running Android 2.2 to sync contacts, but no joy. Today however I grabbed an app from the Market place for free and pushed all 300 odd contacts in 1 go. If you want to do it, just follow these steps.... 1. Go to the Android Market place and download "Bluetooth File Transfer" 2. Pair the phone with the TNS 510 3. Go to the Telephone menu on the TNS 510 and select the Settings option 4. Go to Phonebook and Transfer Phonebook (At this point the BT connection will disconnect, this is normal) 5. Now go to your Android phone, and launch Bluetooth File Transfer 6. Accept the license agreement and then ignore the main screen 7. Press the MENU button on the phone 8. Select the MORE Button (Marked with 3 dots and on the lower right corner of a Desire MENU option) 9. Look halfway down the screen and select "Send Contacts" 10. You can now select All contacts, or tag the ones you want to transfer or transfer by group 11. IMPORTANT - Select the middle button, "Send as Multiple" 12. Contacts get sent, shut down the app and then the phone will reconnect, check your contacts, they will all be in there I did 300 or so in just over 90 seconds so it's pretty quick to, and get's around the problem of pushing multiple entries. Hope this helps some people out Cheers Fluff'
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