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Jae - 1st Report


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Gordy here.

Sore feet, flat digital batteries, muddy shoes, sore shoulder (dunno just woke up like that). :help:

I went down to JAE on Saturday, arriving at around 11.30am after missing the turn off for Billing once then making a detour into town for some spondoolees......

Rolled up - flashed my VIP (free entry pass) and drove at 3-5mph around to TOC stand. Noted in my mind a few places as I drove past them and found TOC no worries. Saw Ken' Avensis first then Ryans MR2 - stood out a mile. Then I noticed all the Lexus's lined up gleaming as they were rubbed with cloths next to TOC on the LOC stand. There was Mat's monster (what a beauty - can't wait to see it 100% finished), Zee's and the rest of the LOC gang's. Oh and there was a yellow Ferrari parked next to a yellow Cerbera.

Oh, my mistake not a Ferrari - you all know what it was....................... :P

So I parked up next to the stand and got out, looked around, saw someone staggering around with a half empty beer bottle in hand (no - only kidding) - REWIND.........

So I parked up next to the stand and got out, looked around, saw Ryan, said hello (first time we had met) and sorted where to leave my Celica. He trundled off and I next met Steve...........Moved my Celica and unpacked my cameras..........

Wandered around with Sam (my G/F), who doesn't drive but knows what she likes to look at with cars), took a few dig pics and some film ones around the JAE site. Met Ken aka Sorted Avensis (grolsch in hand - TOP chap, great looking car), met Karma Supra (TOP chap, offered me & Sam a beer, no roof on car still), met Lee aka Dawsey (TOP chap, excellant motor, very powerful beastie, rolling road figures that I can't remember).

Then I wandered off, heard lots of loud bangs - some bloke in a GT4 on Fensport stand letting firecrackers off (well that's what it sounded like - but you all know what he was really up to when he fired the Celica up - crowds flocked to watch).

Wandered around some more - loadsa Skylines, MR2's, Scooby's, GTO's.

Some girl (who I found out later was a photographer from Ireland) whizzed past on a mini motorbike - so small was this bike, her knees were up by her nose - you get the picture.

Wandered some more, back to the Rolling road - Ryan was there anticipating the outcome of a test of a supposed 600bhp Lexus something or other (sorry cant remember the model - Ryan will fill that bit in later). Figures were around 2-300 bhp in the end - again I'm sure Ryan has the details.........

More wandering - sore feet by now......Had one of Ryan's beer stash - cheers mate. :beer:

Watched the LOC/TOC presentations for funniest afro :afro::afro: - I mean best car in show........ Rain started to fall. Got the 3 TOC winners together for a group pic with their trophies........ROADRUNNER No. 1 with his excellant looking black Celica.....Well done mate.

Dig batteries had now run flat & rain was cascading so packed cameras away and had a Cake. The TOC gang started planning a barby and went off to but some cows...........

I'm a veggie.......

Anyway had to leave about 8 cos I had other stuff to do.

Probably missed out loads but this is just a small insight into Saturday at JAE to whet your taste buds.

Hope all have a good SUnday there and the raind holds off.




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Sounds like a good time being had by all! :D

Unfortunatley this is the first year that I havent been able to go :( even though I live in Northampton!

Had to work all weekend, which is where I am right now :crybaby:

Hope you will be posting some pics on here soon gordy?

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just got back from there. was a good ol laugh.

that lexus was poor. 600 dows to 250 i think? poor poor poor.

good few days though. i enjoyed myself.

there should be some more people on here tonite. i think im the first one back...

was good to put names to faces though.

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Ive just got back...though I only live 10 mins down the road! Was a great weekend, was there for both days :thumbsup: Bit of a muddy start today after all the rain but soon dried in the Northampton sun. We had some good entertainment from one of the Lexus boys. He locked his keys in the boot :lol: We had 20 mins worth of head scratching but in the end managed to in! Loads of cracking cars there this year!

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I'm back too!! Wicked Sunday, Ryans stolen my photos already so he can upload them...

Great to meet some of you, shame I missed the soggy supra :P (Sorry, thats still making me chuckle)

Still no inspiration for wing mirrors or bonnets though :wacko:

My mission for the day was to find a car on 22"s and one in the same colour mines going- mission failed exxxxxxxxxxcellent :D

Some gorgeous motors there but also a couple of erm... interesting attempts... suprising lack of places to blow a wedge loada cash though :(

AND the weather was great today ;)


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Hi guys :D made another thread anyway... (damn newbies taking liberties!)

Like I said there good to meet you all... very friendly bunch!!!

See you next yeah ;)

P.S. the supra now totaly dry.. (apart from the not so dry bit)

Whoes going to southend tonight? :P

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Well what can I say except I have to start by saying.....


This could get a bit long as there was just so much that happened over the 3 days that we were there that it can't really be shrunk, I'll try....

All kicked off on Friday with myself, Charlie(Karma Supra), Dan (YarisTspot), Steve(Admin), and of course Adam(Roadrunner), the rain was worse than it has been in a long long time quickly turning into a swimming pool (Charlie did you think of turning the heater on you could have had the only mobile Jacuzzi in show :D).... We arrive at 4'ish, when the rain stopped, cleaned the cars, put the tents up and got on with the important matters (the booze...)

Friday evening and night turned a bit blurry as there was an amazing turn out from both TOC and LOC and about 40 cars between the two clubs attending and partakinbg in a little not-so-light refreshment before wandering upto the onsite curry takeaway (how superb is that) to take a quick break from drinking, oops no we didnt we marched in beers in hadn :D....

By 3am we'ld polished off a good few salbs of lager and ofc ourse the first bottle of Sambuca and god knows what else...

Sleeping in a tent (thanks Ken, I'll grab my duvet sometime :)) most of us hgad an early start, myself was 7.15am (ouch) feeling slightly (read very) rough, we tried to arrange the cars in a s little space as possible and had great fun lining everyone up, it was clear not all cars were going to be together.... Did anyone really care on the Sat :)

Saturday afternoon we had the judging of the best cars on show. Trophies went to...

1-Adam (Roadrunner) for his Celica

2- SystemG (Garrick) for his white Mk2 MR2

3- StarletSi (Simon) for his Starlet Turbo

A good vairety of cars and I think fairly judged :)

Now the fun really began and we were rewarded for it as you'll find later in the post !!

The heavens opened again so what did we do as a sensible group.... Myself, MattW (LOC), Pavilitos (Peter) and Yaristspot(Dan) jumped into Matt's IS200 and headed to Tesco's for BBQ food as you do when its pouring with rain, thats only the beginning of it...

For those who weren't there MattW is a top top bloke but lives aon another planet and does not mind what he says to anyone (BLING BLING Basil Brush Stylee).... While leaving the stand he had no qualms about hanging out of the window screaming at the passing Nova where to find the Max Muppet erm Power stand, hanging out of the window screaming at cars with fog lights on how he really like the 50Bhp increse mod and basic abuse at every one we could (pppsssssssssttt...)....

Returning from Tescos we though it would be amusing entering the JAE site with the sunroof open, windows down and serenadingg all JAE attendee's with Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, a lot of people were it tears and we actually won the competition for the funniest moment of JAE with the act hosted by JAE Radio :D oops we were warming up....

BBQ was lit, loads of food was eaten (there was a BBQ for vegetarians) and the drink flowed late into the night, then thintgs got silly (you mean they weren't already.. oh no !!)

Late into the early hours we had muppets with stupidly load stereos blaying Bass beats while people were trying to sleepp so what did we do in response, reversed up, opened MattW's boot to a sublte blue neon SUB and pumped out extremely loud verses of The Carpenters song Just Like You (think thats the title, you know the one.... Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near...).... It worked so well we thought we would go around the camp site and sing to people out of the sunroof, again returned to mass amounts of laughter...

After we calmed down we thought a beer might be needed, there goes another 3am finish after sitting in the road for a while giving passing cars votes out of 10, not sure what the Honda with 10 colours of LED flashing lights (UFO) got think it was minus something...

6am start Sunday to a great turnout from LOC & TOC, the Yaris's were superb, was it 6 we had ???

Again a silly day of singing music and enjoyment to all (no alcohol as peeps had to drive home and more importantly sunshine :D

In summary, a great weekend, I won't list all the members I met ias it would double the length of this post, to you all it was a pleasure, great cars, everyones cars looked stunning, alcohol, food and laughter....

Anyone for a camping TOC & LOC trip, although we would need some muppet clubs to come a long to tease :D :D :D

Overall there were no real problems, TOC & LOC's behaviour was superb, almost no racing around the site and everyone being very helpful and now the only regret is it is another 12 months until the next one....

Apologies for the length of this post, photo's (and video) coming soon....

Supragal thx for the photo's I just didn't have time :D

Now off to find some new feet....

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me.....

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Supragal thx for the photo's I just didn't have time :D

Or...you were too busy getting lashed and being lairy lol

I was only there one day and I'm knackered- you lot must be insomniacs! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Supragal, not to scare you but only had one beer today as I was driving so that was me sober :D

:lol: I was more going on your account of the night(s) before... I was suprisingly unscared today although the trousers and the wig were enough to send small children into therapy :P

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Yup, you're right....sorry :unsure:

Sorted, loved your paint job "in the flesh" so to speak... and Ryans 6 light conversion- sweeeeeet.

Was it just me or were there more Skylines there than blades of grass??

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hi everyone, i did not get to jae untill 1.00pm on sunday as i had to work saturday night, (bummer) still took wife and kids along and to my suprise thet totally enjoyed it, some great looking cars, trying to talk her indoors round to copying sorted avensis motor but i dont think ill get very far, although she did like the colour and the bonnet, sorry i did not actually meet anyone, cant wait for next years, imay get time off and come down for the weekend, i would like to say well done to everyone who had their cars on display, it must of been hard work keeping them clean with all the rain, hope to meet some of you sometime :thumbsup:

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Did LOC manage to get the IS430 there . . . ?

Yep and damn fine it was to :thumbsup:

Met up with starlet nath and alex,had a nightmare drive down due to the rain but a beer the moment you arrive makes you forget how bad it was :D

Few more beers and a curry then a few more beers(with the odd sambuca in between). Loved just sitting there and looking at the cars arrive and the 997bhp skyline for me was the car of the show and nearly wetted myself when i heard the comment "that car only has 1 headlight,i wonder when they are finishing it" :lol:

Saturday was mental with Dawesy,John,Zee and Norkep all going on the rolling road and was well worth watching to see how they got on,some happy some not.

I think Ryan Has covered the rest off saturday quite well apart from the fireworks. When the first big one went off it was hilarious to hear all the car alarms go off.

Would also like to add a big well done to all the trophy winners :thumbsup:

Sunday i finally got to walk round the site and realise just how many cars were there :eek: and looking at them gave me one or two new things to look into for mine.

A few of us had a go on the karting in the afternoon which was a laugh.I managed to blow a tyre on the first go(wonder why :lol: ).Second go in the faster ones was fun,once i realised the gap wasn't go to close on such a small track i went for tyre screeching and thoughly enjoyed myself :D

The drive home was interesting to say the least and i got to leicester forrest before a evo 7 pointed out i still had my club plates on :lol: But still managed to lose my back one though :(

Big thanks to Nick for the barby ;) and also to everyone who came and made it such a special weekend :group-cuddles:

Roll on the next meet,oh thats next sunday :lol::thumbsup:

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:D Though I was hijacked by Fensport I did manage to put some more names to faces. To those I met then "Hi good to meet you for the first time" :thumbsup: (especially Ken and Nathan and his lady) and to those I didn't then there will always be the next meet. My dyno run was disappointing being 20-30 bhpless than expected :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: . Problem has been diagnosed as a restrictive exhaust :censor: :censor: :censor: - going to see about sorting that tomorrow.

Good show - good cars - great people - what better way to spend a weekend :D

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I totally echo all that's been said - great people, fantastic cars, and no better way to spend a birthday.

I think I prefer my "Peter" name to my real one Ryan (only kidding - you were lashed up most of the time and met loads of people!) LOL.

Have to agree with the most comic moment that we won, fair and square...! And also the car alarms going off during the fireworks - classic!

Was cool to see so many Yaris together, and swap ideas (ie. mentally spend all my money!)

Also agree that 12 months is too long to wait, so would be up for a club meet/camping trip - do it...!

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