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    Believe you have got a 2002 1.6 Auto ? You do not say what the mileage is or what has been done on previous recent services. The term Full Service can be interpreted by who ever is doing the service - many things are classed as extras not covered by the term Full Service. The previous owner of my car had it "fully serviced" just before I bought it but half the things that should have been done at 4 years old were not. Apart from standard things like engine oil and air filters, spark plugs, brakes and checks on the transmission fluid etc there are several things often classed as chargeable extras. You should be having the pollen filter renewed if needed, the brake fluid changed if over 2 years since last done, the cooling system antifreeze changed if needed ( depends on what its filled with now) If you look in your Toyota handbook /sevice boolklets, if you have them, they show the schedule of works they recommend. A book like the Haynes Manual is good even if you are using a garage to do the work, the manual at least let you know what to look at to check things have been done properly - tha manual has a big section on regular service items and schedules.
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    Hi silvio. "Creep" is when you select a gear and the computer slightly engages the clutch. Your car then creeps forwards. This imitates a conventional Automatic gearbox. I had a Smart Fortwo previously and this didn't happen until you lightly touched the throttle pedal. (There was a microswitch on it). Some people like the "creep" feature, I don't personally as it increases wear on the clutch plate. Some "suggestions" I made when somebody else asked about MMT. Remember the gearbox is really a computer controlled manual gearbox. (It has a "normal" clutch which you can wear out faster by abusing it. Just like a normal clutch. MMT is very clever but can't anticipate or see hills coming. If you are driving into a valley and know you will soon be climbing a steep hill, change into manual, change down a gear (or two) so that power is available. If you wait for the car to do this, you are already on the hill, losing speed. When crawling in traffic, try to maintain at least 6mph (10kph) This means the clutch is fully engaged, not slipping and wearing. Use the throttle very gently in slow traffic , again, to prevent wear. Slipping ANY car clutch in traffic is poor driving anyway. One of the critisisms of both the manual & MMT gearbox is the huge difference in ratios between 1st & 2nd gear. You may find that you set off gently up a slight slope and when the gearbox chenges into 2nd, the engine may labour (struggle) a bit. I find the best way to set off uphill is to start moving gently, then open the throttle quite wide (then the speed will build quickly and revs go quite high) As the gearbox engages 2nd gear, ease your foot off the throttle a little. (Not too much or the gearbox will go into 3rd). You'll soon see what I mean. Another subtle difference between "normal" Auto boxes and MMT. If you want to use kickdown, to change down a gear, The speed at which you press the accelerator pedal is more important than slowly pressing it to the floor. Pressing it very quickly to half-way down will result in a quicker down-shift. To increase MPG, simply use the throttle very gently. the MMT will sort the rest out. Adapting......If you thrash away from a couple of junctions and use large throttle openings a few times, the MMT will keep you in lower gears and alter gearchange points until you relax again. As soon as you drive gently, it goes back to normal within a couple of gearchanges. Hope this helps. Ian.
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    Had the same issue, the gearbox is never perfect, but some days was terrible. I didnt think it was the clutch, suspected thrust bearing. When went in for 2 year service I asked them to check clutch and everything and they said it was fine. 11 months later it got dramatically worse. This time called a different Toyota dealer. Mechanic sat in the car, felt it wasn't going into gear. Luckily it was particularly bad that day. Guy said straight away, its definitely the clutch, He knew what he was talking about and agreed to replace it under warranty. Took a 60 plate Aygo away for the day (yesterday) while it was fixed for me, which was good to experience a different clutch gearbox. The Aygo clutch gearbox lets these cars down. Its always a bit of a notchy change by modern standards even on the best cars. To its credit it is light. Also I understand the new clutches fitted for past 18 months or so are slightly different and stronger. Theres another thread on here Title "Wont change gear above 2500 revs", you can read exactly the same problem there although would be better described, Wont change gear unless you match the revs.
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    I do love the back of your car. Im so very tempted to do it myself but i have to keep reminding myself im not 18 any longer. Awesome car though !!

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