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    Well, here is Paddy outside the MOT station: And here is the MOT fail sheet. It failed on emissions, down to the lambda. The nearside rear has some play, but after discussing it with the tester we think it's the top mount, so I need to tighten them up. The emissions though really, really annoyed me. I think the threshold is 1.03, and the lowest it got was either 1.04 or 1.05. The traffic was bad round there so I was revving the hell out of it in traffic but no joy. And it also has near enough a full tank of VPower in it. From speaking to a mate, high lambda readings mean either too much air at the intake or along the exhaust. He has a proper lift so I'm going to take it to him, then put it in for an MOT again. Maybe tomorrow, but more than likely next week. Aside from all of that, it drives like a new car. The ride is firmer like a new car, possibly too firm, as there is a knock at the front although all of the suspension is tight as a drum. From reading up on it, it seems like harder poly bushes (which on the front are, racing ones) they can tend to knock a little. Steering feels heavy, but then again the power steering fluid is darker than Guinness so that'll want changing at some point. But he goes, and he stops, and he sounds good. Not chav loud, but there's a good rumble from it. Dissappointed that it didn't pass, especially on something that isn't dangerous, but my homework was marked and a few loose nuts isn't a bad first project.
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    Hello, First of all I apologize for mistakes, English is not my language, I am from Romania. Own a hybrid Toyota Auris, manufactured at the end of 2012 and finally yesterday I managed to make the cruise control function. I will write here what it is about because I did not find the complete answer here. After installing the cruise control command, the damage occurred p0571. in my case I was missing a wire between the brake pedal switch and the ECM. the ECU plug is A130, the pin 7 that connects to the A124(switch pedal) plug, pin 5. I hope it is clear and useful,all the best!

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