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  1. It all started with a low rumbling sound coming from near the bell housing (clutch) when the car was in neutral and running... thot it was just the release bearing..... :( then i started noticing a rattle when driving slowly in 3rd gear.... decided to take the car to my mate.... he agreed to have a look.... the outcome was not good... he agreed that it could be a clutch problem , so i went about ordering a new one. when he removed the old clutch he noticed that it was in good condition, the release bearing was spinning freely , the plate had plenty of life so he thought it may be the gearbox!!! :ffs: he put the new clutch in and re-assembled the car, but as soon as the car was started it was apparent that the gearbox was to blame it seemed to be worse than before, he said to me that in the process of moving it around we had probably aggrivated the problem :ffs: ill give him the benefit of the doubt this time, but costs had started mounting up. any way trawled the net for days looking for a decent price and managed to get a newly refurbished gearbox and transfer box delivered to scotland with 6 months warranty for £295. ive tried uploading a few pics but its not working just now. the thing looks MINT!!! i was quite happy with the deal and just thought i would post details in case someone else could use them. Contact: cameron@idealengines.co.uk Tel:02085960396
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  2. Thats mine! Sold it to me mate adam about a year ago who lives in boston and iv just bought it back; look familiar?? Yeah this is the CTS I was going to take a look at in Boston, but I never got a chance to follow things up... looks nice... so you local? ie lincolnshire?
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  3. I defo would have gone for a diesel version!!!! Regards Clare
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