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    Thanks to inspiration from Craig here, this is my version for my wife who hated the limitation of the stock basic cd player and radio and wanted more features including DAB radio. I decided to go the 3d-printed route rather than use too much filler, so after cutting out an aperture, I designed a suitable cradle to receive a stock DIN radio but with a flange on the right side to accommodate usb lead that fitted into the rear of the Pioneer radio I got cheap from Halfords. My wife's fascia is metallic, glittery black and I managed to find a can of spray paint from Halfords that was pretty close, but as you can see I'll need to sand back and respray the entire fascia the same colour at some stage. I will take more photos of exactly what I did from the rear when I do that, but in the meantime I have attached my 3D-print design and the (almost) final result, which has worked well for three months so far. Note - I printed from PETG plastic as PLA would melt in summer
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    Hello there, welcome to the TOC, enjoy the club.
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    Everyone has there own choice of battery Brand, I have chosen Bosch/Varta on price the 3 year warranty. . I purchased the Varta online and it arrived well packed and ok, though was a bit nervous about doing so, usually buying locally, but the online price was too good. The AH And CCA are usually similar across all makes, the more CCA, the more power it can give at start up, find the 540 a great improvement. What you need to look out for is the battery "Type" which dictates the physical size, so ensuring it fits into your tray and the leads fit on ok; the Type 027 fits our cars fine. No need for a Radio code, you will have to retune the preset stations and reset the ltrs / miles, if needed, by pressing the menu on the right hand knob.
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    JohnnyMug Hi, I wouldn't worry too much about your alternator being able to cope as it puts out at least 14 vdc and should have enough amperage if your not running all your ancillaries.
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    My original battery was a small one like yours, which failed after 5 years, I then replaced it with the 60ah Bosch one which lasted about 7 years and replaced with the above Varta 60ah brand last year Never had any alternator or electrical problems and starting even in the coldest weather is easy, so that dismisses your above possible charging problems, which would only happen if you increased the battery capacity by an excessive amount. The Bosch or Denso alternators used on the 2006 Corollas have an output rating way above the 60ah of these larger batteries. Don't forget on our older cars, the alternator is not that Smart, its adding load to the engine all the time If you talk to any experienced car electrical guys they always say go for the next size up (ah ) on older cars. You can talk to Toyota but doubt they will recommend anything thats not within their original specification. ie 45ah.
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    P0400 Relates to Exhaust gas flow and indicates a restriction/blockage in the EGR system which is more than just an EGR valve especially on the 180 engines. if the main valve 25620 is clean and moving freely, the intake manifold is clean then there is likely a blockage further up the EGR pipe work, see picture attached there is another valve 25630 however the likely point of blockage is the EGR cooler ( a water/air cooler ) which is buried under the Turbo at the back of the cylinder head
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    Fuel Filter - renew
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    Hi D, welcome to TOC 🙂 Did you buy the car from a dealer/trader? If so, you could probably get them to replace it foc under the Consumer Act 2015. https://www.whatcar.com/news/your-legal-rights-if-something-goes-wrong-with-your-car/n3307
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    Thinking about it a bit more I bought the Connects2 CTSTY001.2 I think. Not sure what the .2 denotes on the end but it's specified as being suitable for various Toyota vehicles although the iQ isn't mentioned. You then need to buy a patch cable that goes from the black box in the Connects2 kit to the back of the head unit. This will change depending on the make of the new radio unit but mine was a Pioneer and it uses what looks like a small headphone socket. With this all connected everything worked as before on the steering wheel controls and no need to cut any wires in the original car wiring loom. Craig.
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    Well, Never thought fitting a new aerial would be so much work but after dismantling half the interior of the car to get at the underside of the roof aerial I managed to remove the old one and fit the new Kinetic DRA-6003 DAB antenna. This involved running a new DAB cable, a new FM cable and a small power cable from the aerial to the back of the stereo. The power cable is connected to the ignition controlled live supply to the radio and turns on the inbuilt amplifier when the car ignition is turned on. The difference is incredible! I found lots more stations than I had before and now reception is perfect as far as I can tell. I drove home from my parents house where my tools and garage are to my house and Absolute 80's didn't break up or drop out once! :) Not a cheap aerial at £50 but money well spent for decent reception. Craig.
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    Well, Another mod took place today. Well, Fitted today, it's taken some time in the planning and build of it. In my previous cars I've always enjoyed changing the radio unit to something a bit better, Keep up with technology, better sound quality, more options to play with etc. but the standard, built in CD player in the iQ always felt a bit basic to me. It's very built in though so what can you do I hear you cry, Well, Read on..... I purchased another radio unit from an accident damaged iQ on ebay for £40. It came complete in the plastic housing with the radio unit still fitted to it. An interesting thing to note is the radio behind the plastic housing is a standard Din size radio so I bought myself a Pioneer CD, DAB, unit and fitted it to the same brackets as the existing unit, Even the screw holes lined up. I then cut the plastic housing and made a new plastic fascia surrounding the radio and fibre glassed it all into place. After a few coats of filler and lots of sanding it was painted a similar grey to the old unit and fitted into place. It seems to work fine except I can't find anything on DAB at the minute? I got a steering wheel control adapter too so they still work and it sounds much better than the old unit. I have more photos and have the part numbers of cables, adapters etc. if anyone else fancies having a go. Craig.
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    I bought a replica TTE spoiler off ebay for about 70 quid. I had to paint it myself though. It fit OK too.

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