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    I ordered my 2019 RAV4 Hybrid Excel on 28th February. The dealer said recently that I would be available 10th to 15th June. While I was talking to Toyota CS about a package problem on their web site I asked if they could give me an update and they said that my car is on a boat on its way from Japan with arrival in the UK on the 23rd May, along with many other RAV4s I would guess.
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    I took delivery of my AWD Excel last Friday. It is Silver Blade with Black upholstery and I can confirm that the headlining and pillars are light grey. All my initial impressions are very positive.
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    No - the second generation Aygo (mid-2014 onwards) doesn't have any history of water leaks.
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    Now up to 15 years in the UK - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/warranty/toyota-warranty
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    I went to Online Car Parts/Autodoc when looking for shocks and I got a set of KYB shocks for a good price. You could check there if Toyota have them or they're too expensive.
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    Mine's a 2012 with about 110k km, still going OK though it's probably lost a bit of EV range over the years. I wouldn't consider that particularly high mileage in your example. I don't know where you are, but in Ireland and the UK Toyota will maintain the battery warranty up to 10 years with annual inspections. PS Toyota's nomenclature is to use separate generations for the plug-ins, so 2012-2016 is the Gen 1 Prius Plug-in, not Gen 3 🙂 Or ZVW35 if you want to get technical.
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    my car arrived last week so that's 6 weeks I had to wait, well worth it.
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    I ordered mine on the 24th March, took ages for a defo date then got told 12th July. out of the blue the car arrived last week, so that's 6 weeks I waited. I have to say the dealers order it but have no control, Toyota just make them and ship them out hoping for the best for the customer. it's really is worth the wait, no wonder the waiting list now is October.
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    Left side looks like a mount for a standard trailer connector, so yes probably a bike carrier.
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    Well I have been mega busy since Wednesday, all for the good and I'll give you a spoiler alert here now: nothing bad has happened, sort of. Mechanical work really only consisted of me buying a cheap no name air filter from eBay and throwing it on just to see what will happen. My confidence with this is sky high, as on the box it calls itself a "high officiency air cleaner system"... Placed it in the engine bay, looks alright. Whether it does anything other than knacker the engine remains to be seen. Most, if not all of my time has been spent just doing body work. Starting from the front and moving to the rear, I removed the bumper and took it all apart. The idea being is that the black part of the bumper, which is textured, I want to have white and it'll look bad if I just paint it white without dealing with the texture. So I applied one or two coats of plastic primer to the black part, then several coats of filler primer (along with plastic filler to tidy up scratches etc), and then sanded back using 1200 wet'n'dry sandpaper. After sanding it back I got quite a good smooth finish: I did the same to the lower part, but only in patches, to make sure it looked presentable. Then on Sunday I hit it with the white paint, and I think it looks wicked. Not a bad job from a rattle can I must say! I taped off the grill part as I painted that gloss black, as it would look a bit weird if it was all painted white. I then sprayed the grill mesh red just to see what it'd be like. After that, I assembled the bumper and it looks brilliant I think. At the moment, other than the mechanics of it, it's probably the best bit of the car! Once that was all complete, I put it in the garage to let it harden as the last step will be to spray a clear lacquer on it. That can't be done for at least 24 hours after the top coat has been applied. I moved on to the wing mirrors using the same techniques, except I didn't use a filler primer on them. Just plastic primer, another coat of normal primer, and then the top coat. To finish the plastics objects off, I fitted a steel mesh to the grill I cut the guts from. Sprayed it in etch primer, fixed it to the the plastic using hot snot glue gun. Looks alright, if a bit rough as I didn't have any side cutters when I started. I bought a pair though to trim it down. Whether it fits or not I'm not sure, as I can't really fit it to the front of the car at the moment as there's nothing to fit it to. Although, really, it looks alright. Just a shame I don't have a TTE badge to fit on it! I then moved on to the body work on the wings, as I'd like to get them done before I attach the bumper. The passenger side wing was badly rusting but I got most of it off. I then treated it to some rust converter, sprayed it with some etch primer, flattened it back (I don't know why I applied primer at this stage, but I did) then applied some body filler. I got too much hardener on it, so it looks a bit rough. On the opposite side, there was a long rusty scratch where it had been keyed years ago, along with other bits and pieces. I removed the paint and rust from several parts but it wasn't too bad. The part where it was keyed above the arch I paplied rust converter just to make sure, applied etch primer and then attacked it with filler primer as the spots weren't too deep compared to the paint around it. There are two coats of filler primer on it at the moment, I'm going to sand it back tonight and then apply two more and see where I get to. I went around the car removing various bits and pieces of spot rust, probably overkill, but at least they're off the body now. Applied etch primer to them to protect them in case the lovely weather turns without me knowing. When I had a bit of filler left I applied it to the boot, just under the glass as it was going rusty. But I made a hash of that job, as you can see: So I think I'll be respraying that back panel completely I think. Other than that, to finish, I sprayed the wiper arms in etch primer then gloss black, and refitted it to the car along with the scuttle and bonnet! However, I ended up scratching the scuttle in the corner which annoyed me. I also don't think the wipers are set properly, but I'll check that when I have the battery back in the car and test it. So tonight there's more to do with the body work on the wings, and I will definitely make a better start on the alloys. I've added nitromors to one wheel, but I'm going to remove it with the disc I used on the car and/or a wire brush attachment. I also need to order one dome nut for the rocker cover (as I lost one before and can't find it), and a bolt for the front engine mount. Which I seem to have misplaced for some reason. The MOT for Paddy is also booked for Monday 20th at 10:30am, so mechanically it's fit for that. Body work is a bonus!
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    Hi, Have you tried your local Toyota dealer to see if they have any reference to them ? If no one else comes in, perhaps PM Kingo a forum member and Toyota dealer who may have more info on the older models https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/34014-parts-king/
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    Glad you finally got the brake thingy at long last Paddy is on his way to a full recovery. You have the patience of Job.
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    The pumps are accessible via the wheel arch - swap the hoses around to confirm faults/blockage. Replacements are available from breakers on ebay for £15.

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